Without the professional and friendly help of Frances my two months in West Cork would have been a complete disaster. Visiting my family in Tragumna, I had a bad fall throwing out my lower back, pelvis and hip. I also had a groin and collarbone injury plus two damaged knees. I was in lot of pain and a mess.

The treatment and technique Frances used was definitely not a nice, gentle, soothing massage but it certainly did the trick. My injuries were significantly healed after the first two treatments and my lower back has never been better. I had a third treatment two days before departing home for Australia and this helped with the long flight. I highly recommend Frances and am very grateful for her help.

If you live in West Cork you’re lucky to have her there!
Judy Hackett

France Shanahan got me through my first marathon. Without her, I know I wouldn’t have made it beyond halfway. Not only did she unravel knots in muscles I never knew I had, her advice on stretching and strengthening was invaluable. In truth – she got me running right. Was I the happiest man in the world to see her at the finish line? One short session later, and I was up and moving (and recovering). Believe me, the hands may be magic but they take no prisoners. My legs never felt so good!
David Young, Kerry

Although my back pain wasn’t due to a sport’s injury, Frances Shanahan’s clinic was recommended to me as a possible solution. And indeed it was. The experience was not a luxuriant pampering, no, this was serious action, at times painful in the process, which delivered real results. Pain not only alleviated, but ultimately eliminated. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.
Pádraig Cusack

Having suffered for many years with a pelvis that periodically went out of alignment, it was a great relief to get back on my feet after an hour of care from Frances. Not only did she get me walking straight, she also gave me some good advice on an exercise routine that should prevent future reoccurrences. I have no hesitation in recommending Ilen Sports Injury Clinic to others.
Michael Regan, Ballydehob

Frances is a life saver. I was back home for a holiday from America when I woke up one morning unable to bend over without severe pain shooting down my legs, panic set in as I was flying back in 3 days. After a quick call around to everyone I knew, the name Frances Shannon / Magic Hands was mentioned. A begging call was made to her and I was whisked off for treatment, even though she was off. I still don’t know how she did it but I was up and dancing a few hours later (not that she would have advised it, she said to rest up!). I felt fantastiic. She advised me to do follow up treatments when back in America, which I did.
Deirdre Canty, Chicago