My first challenge on my blog, and mostly the reason why it all begun, is the 7 Peaks Challenge in Victoria, Australia.

Whilst I visited my family in Australia in April of this year I was lucky enough to be driven to Mount Hotham, Mount Buffalo, and Falls Creek. These are stunning parts of the Alpine Range and I was blown away by the beauty of it all. Endless peaks and forestry that become ski resorts in the winter and hiking, biking and sightseeing attractions in the summer.

Breath-taking to say the least.

Mt Hotham

We passed many suffering cyclists on the road to the summits. Admiration and envy got the better of me, so much so that I decided to research the climbs. That’s when I stumbled across the 7 peaks challenge.

Declaration made!

What would one do when they hit fifty and are really not on for that party… no one should know as they all think I’m still only forty, anyway that was it, party sorted. There would be months of blood, sweat and tears on my new Giant Liv bike with the boys and girls from the West Cork Cycling Crew, and a few gruelling visits to the queen of personal training to build up those legs for the hills… thank you Menafit.

I arrived in Melbourne on Friday after my Aircoach journey from Cork to Dublin, and flight from Dublin via Abu Dhabi to my final destination. The weather is typical early spring here with chilly winds, some sunshine, and temperatures trying to make their minds up as to whether it’s still winter or not.

I’m still getting over the jet lag with a bonus 5 hours sleep per night (I need my 8 hours), but today I travelled to the old gold mining town of Beechworth which is 3 hours north of Melbourne and with easy access to most of the climbs. Of course the Celtic festival is on this weekend (especially for me) so my cycles are planned around a few Guinnesses and family. It’s good to mix both but in moderation I might add….. the Guinness I mean 🙂

The bike is unpacked from its bag, reassembled, and tested over a 60km outing today.

Some minor adjustments required for both bike and I, but I’m ready to attack the first climbs on Thursday and Friday this week. I’ll be doing four over the two days, yes ambitious, but the training is in the bag (and hopefully in the legs too).

So watch this space and I’ll be letting you know how I get on. I’m looking forward to this.

Over and out for now… I need my pillow catch-up 🙂



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  1. Thanks for all those well wishes. Glad you all enjoying the I’m away to conquer the slopes. I mean mountains.

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