It’s 8.00am here in the Southern Hemisphere on a beautiful sunny Spring morning. It would seem like I have finally adjusted to the sleep pattern and synced in with everyone else. I’ve had a full nights sleep of eight hours so it’s all falling into place… leaving me with little or no excuse!

First climb today is Mount Buffalo which is only 23km, but it’s all uphill… guess it would be really 😀 Quick break at the top to stamp the passport and away on a short drive to Falls Creek. This one is not quite the beast, but it is 30.9 km and will take me through an elevation of 1,181 metres. So this post will be short and sweet as I must get the porridge and carbs into the system.

The scenery should be spectacular up there today so you can look forward to some awesome photos later. Got cousin Michael on the lens and behind the wheel, not at the same time mind you! He’s even more excited about the next few days than I am, but I’m sure once I hit that first climb I’ll be on my high… one way or the other.

Over and out for now, hills to climb, places to go, and hopefully a few other people to see up there too!!



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