Let me introduce myself and this blog as simply and shortly as I can – some say I am a bit of both!

fs3My aim is to share my experiences of cycling as an ageing sportsperson, but most of all as a female who likes to keep fit and enjoy our wonderful surroundings on two wheels. As a teenager I was lucky enough to discover that I could run, and strangely I found I was pretty good at it.

Being the seventh child in a family of eight, and living in the heart of West Cork, I quickly learned if you didn’t get up and make something of yourself you could get lost in a very ordinary country life.

I was born in the sixties (yes I really am that old) in an age where there were very few TVs, phones, and definitely not an iPad in sight. There were no blogs just a lot of scriochting (that’s an Irish term for neighbours getting together in each others houses to chat about the locals, weather, or what’s happening over the road at the next household). I suppose on reflection I was trying to escape reality and find something that would separate me from others. I was an invisible female in a large family of males.

So by the age of 14 I had started running around the neighbours fields at 6am in the dark of the morning, with just the hedges in the skylight to guide me. Yes the madness had started my running career. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was a freak and a little different to my friends in school. I had a need to run or express myself through my sport……. I’m sure many of you reading a cycling blog will get it!!

On weekends I competed in cross-country running and road races, and this went on for many years. There were a few national and provincial titles and countless road races. It taught me how to push myself mentally and physically to the limit and most importantly how to achieve and succeed, and it provided me with the belief and discipline that translated into other aspects of my life.

fs2We could all wander through life in a mundane kind of way but I always wanted “more” from life than just the ordinary…I still do. So, I wish to share my current experiences and hopefully inspire other females to get on their bikes and explore.

It’s a wonderful world of cycling……lets go!



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